The Padel Club is open to members of all ages and our members and also members of the public can play any day of the week with us.

We offer:

  • Court Hire . Hire by the day or by the hour
  • Mix-ins – Orgnaised by the club every Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a social event to play with other members at all levels
  • Match Organisation
  • Tournaments – organized by the club as social events with prizes to be won
  • Corporate and Promotional Events – We offer an event planning service for your corporate or promotional event

If you wish to improve your game you can also benefit from our Padel School.

The Padel School is managed by Daniel Dios, professional player with years of International teaching experience with the help of Guillermo Vizcay as assistant.

Classes are offered in English or Spanish with the option for:

  • Group Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Match Class
  • Corporate Events