We do decontracting, anti-cellulite, drainage, sports and relaxing massages, you canchoise to do a part of body or full body (arms, back, neck, head and legs). We have promotions for 5 and 10 sessions.


Body massage (25min) 30€

5 sessions body Massage (25 min) 142 €

10 sessions body Masaje (25 min) 270 €

Body massage (50min) 50€

5 sessions body massage (50min) 237€

10 sessions body massage (50min) 470€

Anti-cellulite massage + scrub (50min) 55€


Eyebrows dyeing 15€

Eyelashes dyeing 15€

Eyelash lifting + dyeing 35€


Laser hair removal diode( ask in reception desk)

Painless type of laser, it can do in tanned skin and works even on blonde hair.


Eyebrows 8€

Upper lip 6 €

Chin 5 €

Patillas 5 €

Underarms 10€

Arms 15€

Bikini (groin) 10€

Brazilian 15€

Hollywood (complete groin) 20€

Buttocks 10€

Full legs 25€

Half legs 15€


Eyebrows 10€

Ears and nose 5€

Beard 10€

Underarm 12€

Arms 18€

Chest 20 €

Back and shoulders 25€

Groin 15€

Brazilian 20€

Line Interglútea 8€

Buttocks 15€

Entire legs 30€

Half legs 18€


These are infrared bands that, applied to different areas of the body, achieve surprising results in the modeling of the body due to its reducing, anti-cellulite and tissue firming effects.

Both effects produce a stimulus of metabolism in general, a localized catabolism of adipose tissue, as well as other effects of thermolipolysis such as: antialgic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant.

Their bands are applicable to the abdomen, thighs, legs and arms.


Anti-cellulite treatment (termolipolisis machine) 55€

5 sessions Anti-cellulite treatment (termolipolisis machine) 260€

10 sessions Anti-cellulite treatment (termolipolisis machine) 495€


Express Manicure 10€ (file and nail polish)

Express french Manicure 15€ (file and nail french polish)

Complete Manicure without polish 15€

Complete Manicure with polish 20€

Complet manicure with French polish 25€

Complete Manicure + shellac 30€

Complete Manicure + french shellac 35€

Shellac polish hands or feet 15€

French shellac polish 20€

Remove shellac 8€

Nail reconstruction 3€

Express pedicure 10€

Express french pedicure 15€

Complete pedicure without polish 20€

Complete pedicure with polish 25€

Complet pedicure french polish 30€

Completed pedicure + shellac 35€

Complete pedicure + french shellac 40€


We restore the balance of the skin by eliminating dead cells that accumulate on the surface and impurities, helping to oxygenate the tissues and stimulating them for greater luminosity and subsequent hydration.


Intensive higiene treatment (70-90 min) 50€

Nuskin treatment to attenuate the most superficial wrinkles provides luminosity and immediate flash effect, you can do one time for an especial moment or as lifting treatment if it is done once a week.


Anti-aging treatment (55min) 55€



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